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Tuckpointing Mortar Joints in Masonry

Tuckpointing (also spelled as tuck pointing and/or tuck-pointing), used in Building Restoration, Historical Preservation and other masonry repair projects, is the process of removing old cracked, spalled, or failed mortar in the […]

Caulking and Wet-Sealing, What’s the Difference

As building owners, property managers, maintenance managers and contractors, we need to understand the importance of weather-proofing a building and what the best options are for our particular buildings. Hence, we will […]

A Musty Smell is Nothing to Sneeze at!

Molds are forms of fungi found all year round indoors and outdoors. Mold is found mainly in warm and humid conditions, but can also grow in cold weather. There are thousands of […]

Purchasing New Vinyl Flooring

Newer technology in Vinyl Floors can provide a realistic look, easier maintenance, and a more affordable price than ceramic tile, laminate, or hardwood. There are hundreds of new patterns that have texture […]


We offer both short and long term financing with interest rates as low as 0%! This allows your remodeling, repairs, and home improvements to become reality instead of a dream. Some programs […]

Safety Training

Utmost renovations believes in following the best safety measures and strives to be compliant with all OSHA rules and regulations. Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we have our employees tested […]

COVID-19: Utmost Renovations is an Essential Services provider

During this crisis we are maintaining regular business hours. To assure the ultimate protection of our customers we closely follow the recommendations of the CDC as we interact with our clients.