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Building Renovation for Little Theatre Off Broadway

While taking a stroll in downtown Grove City after dinner one summer evening, Mark Huffer stopped in front of the Little Theatre Off Broadway (LTOB) to view the showings at the marquee. […]

Concrete Repair and Concrete Maintenance is Essential

Concrete restoration and concrete repair is very common in Central Ohio as the extremes in weather and the fluctuations in temperatures during the cyclical seasonal changes wreak havoc on all concrete surfaces […]

Building Maintenance Requires a Trusted Partner

As facility and property managers know, for Quality Building Maintenance it is vital to partner with a diverse and strong service provider that meets the highest standards in the industry. Nothing is […]

Repair Brick Masonry & Stone Masonry

Why Repair Brick or Stone   If you have ever had to repair brick masonry or stone masonry walls then you know how complicated and expensive it can be to do so. […]

Historic Masonry Preservation is an Art

Winston Churchill said, “We shape our buildings; there after our buildings shape us”.  Each building and structure tells an individual story of the past, present, and future. Each building is different and […]

Finding a Quality Building Restoration Specialist

Have you ever struggled to find and select a qualified trustworthy building restoration specialist to restore or maintain your valuable building envelope? I have people every day share horror stories about poor […]

Is Masonry Water Repellent Necessary?

Application of masonry water repellent (also known as masonry sealers or sealers) for exterior masonry facades of buildings is quite common but not always necessary. Most modern buildings made of masonry (such as […]

Chimney Repair Tips and Precautions

Chimney Repair Tips You will find these chimney repair tips and precautions to be helpful. Especially if your chimney has cracked brick or mortar that needs repaired. Chimney Repair work is very […]

Mark Huffer, President – Utmost Renovations

In the year 2000, following a successful career in business and specialty construction, Mark Huffer started Utmost Renovations, a Masonry Contracting company with a passionate emphasis on Building Restoration and Historical Preservation. […]

Tuckpointing Mortar Joints in Masonry

Tuckpointing (also spelled as tuck pointing and/or tuck-pointing), used in Building Restoration, Historical Preservation and other masonry repair projects, is the process of removing old cracked, spalled, or failed mortar in the […]

COVID-19: Utmost Renovations is an Essential Services provider

During this crisis we are maintaining regular business hours. To assure the ultimate protection of our customers we closely follow the recommendations of the CDC as we interact with our clients.