OhioHealth Bridge Renovation

OhioHealth Bridge Renovation

After picture for Ohio Health Bridge Painting

Utmost Renovations serves residential homes and commercial properties. One of our largest repeating commercial customers is OhioHealth. First established in 1891, OhioHealth has developed into a modern healthcare system that spans over 40 counties in Ohio. One of our most recent repairs for OhioHealth is the cleaning and painting of the large bridge that connects the OhioHealth Bone and Joint Center to Grant Medical Center’s main campus.

The OhioHealth bridge was first cleaned with a high-pressure power washer. It was then spot-sanded to remove any loose paint and to create an ideal surface for the new paint. Before priming, the metal and frame joints were spot-caulked with Tremco Dymonic urethane sealant. Since this bridge was framed with steel that had not been repaired in years, there were some very rusted spots that needed special attention. In order to best eliminate these large areas of rust damage, the crew applied Sherwin Williams Pro Cryl (an industrial rust-inhibiting primer) to them before priming the rest of the bridge. The bridge was then coated with one coat of Sherwin Williams Macropoxy 646- an industrial-grade primer that works especially well on steel surfaces.

Ohio Health Bridge

Once the OhioHealth bridge was primed, two coats of Sherwin Williams Hi-Solids Polyurethane paint was applied. Hi-Solids is a heavy duty interior/exterior paint that is very corrosion-resistant. This paint is most commonly used in large industrial structures that experience all extremities of midwestern weather- which made it perfect for the bridge at Grant Medical Center. The bridge was painted to match the existing color, and the paint is very color-retentive and should last years.

Since the bridge walls were made of glass, the crew had to roll-on primer and paint onto the frame to ensure the protection of the glass. This was not an easy feat and took the crew about a week to complete. However, our crews are very skilled and can work thoroughly while also paying attention to detail. The bridge now looks like new and will be protected from weather and corrosion for years. We are pleased to say that this is not the first, nor the last restoration project we will be doing for OhioHealth. 

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