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Experience the unrivaled craftsmanship of Utmost Masonry Restoration, a division of Utmost Renovations.  We are your premier masonry restoration company specializing in enhancing and protecting properties with superior masonry solutions and reliable service.

Celebrating Our 25th anniversary of Central Ohio Masonry

Building a Legacy of Masonry RESTORATION Excellence

Founded in 1999, Utmost Masonry Restoration has shaped the architectural integrity of Columbus, Ohio. Originating as a local masonry service, we have grown into a family-run operation with expertise spanning across masonry restoration, historical building preservation, and custom masonry services. Our dedication to quality, attention to detail, and focus on client satisfaction forms the cornerstone of our reputation as a trusted leader in masonry restoration.

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Our Specialized Masonry RESTORATION Services


Masonry Repair, Replacement, and Restoration

At Utmost Masonry Restoration, we address a wide range of masonry issues, from simple repairs to complete rebuilds. Our team applies traditional techniques combined with modern technology to restore the structural integrity and aesthetic value of buildings, preserving historical accuracy while enhancing durability.
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Concrete Repair, Replacement, and Restoration

Our concrete services are focused on structural functionality and visual appeal. We undertake detailed assessments to diagnose underlying issues, ensuring that every repair or replacement provides enhanced stability and longevity to your property.
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EIFS and

EIFS and Stucco Repair, Replacement, and Restoration

We specialize in Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) and stucco finishes, known for their aesthetic versatility and insulation properties. Our restoration processes not only repair visible damage but also improve resistance to moisture and thermal cracking.
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exterior coating services


Exterior Coatings

Utmost Masonry Restoration provides advanced coating solutions that protect against environmental damage and improve aesthetic appeal. Our coatings are selected for their compatibility with the existing masonry, ensuring effective water repellency and UV resistance.
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Caulking and

Caulking and Sealants

Proper caulking and sealing are crucial for the prevention of water ingress and the protection of structural integrity. We use high-grade materials to seal joints and cracks to create a long-term water barrier significantly reducing maintenance needs and prolonging the lifespan of masonry elements. We specialize in store fronts and curtain walls.
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Chimney Repair

Expert masonry restoration services are essential for chimney repair, ensuring both structural integrity and longevity through precise workmanship and high-quality materials. Our teams specializes in restoring chimneys to their original condition, addressing issues such as brickwork damage and mortar deterioration.
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Hardscaping Services

Our hardscaping services aim to elevate the aesthetics and usability of your outdoor spaces. Whether it's patios or walkways, our skilled specialists are adept at working with diverse materials and styles, ensuring that each project enhances your space and aligns perfectly with your unique needs.
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Structural Restoration

Transform your outdoor spaces with Utmost Masonry Restoration specialized repair and enhancement services for patios and other structures. We focus on increasing the durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal of these elements, ensuring they stand the test of time and enhance the value of your property.
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Renew, Repair, Restore

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Who we serve

From homeowners to business owners, Utmost Masonry Restoration is the trusted choice for masonry restoration services. Discover how we can enhance your property's appeal and durability with our expert craftsmanship.

  • Commercial Clients

    We provide tailored masonry restoration services for commercial buildings, focusing on both aesthetic enhancements and practical renovations. Property and facility managers rely on Utmost Masonry Restoration to minimize disruptions to while maximizing the value and appearance of their properties.Learn More

  • Residential Clients

Why choose us

Why Choose Utmost as Your Trusted Ohio Masonry Restoration Contractor

Utmost Masonry Restoration is a Columbus masonry restoration contractor in Ohio who specializes in exterior home and building restoration and repair. We are a two generation, family run business widely regarded as the premier Columbus masonry repair contractors in Ohio, servicing Central Ohio including Franklin and contiguous counties.

During your project, you will be working directly with one of the owners; individuals who are fully invested in the success of the business by giving your project the greatest attention and care. This attention to detail is evident through our outstanding online reviews. Our technicians have over 150 years of experience in all types of Columbus masonry repair and consulting work. You will receive our UTMOST in all areas of service.


Our Dedication to Masonry RESTORATION

Utmost Masonry Restoration is committed to delivering unparalleled client experiences in masonry contracting. From the initial consultation to the final placement of stone or brick, our process is defined by clear communication, superior craftsmanship, and operational precision. Entrust your masonry restoration project to our skilled professionals.

Our extensive experience, ranging from precise historical restorations to expansive commercial masonry projects, underscores our commitment to quality and safety, making us the top choice for businesses and institutions in Columbus.  Check out our hundreds of reviews on Angi!

Logan McLaughlin
March 21, 2024
Mark, his son (Gabe), and team were great to work with. Very responsive, reasonable price, and high quality work. I will be working with again. Definitely recommend.
Andrew Haines
March 17, 2024
A first rate experience from start to finish ! The crew was friendly , timely and did a fantastic job. We had 3 different projects of brick work , chimney repair,3 sets of stairs and a very large wall rebuilt. We live in a historic home in Columbus and we are extremely happy with the craftsmanship. Many thanks to the entire team and we highly recommend them !
Justin Meyer
March 5, 2024
Mark and his team (including his son) did a wonderful job repairing our historic stone chimney. They were very easy to get in contact with, and they made sure we were always happy along the way. We will be recommending Utmost to anyone who needs masonry work done, and we will be using them again if we have any more work to do ourselves!
Neil Toepfer
January 13, 2024
We built our own house in Worthington OH and we spent a long time searching for the right company to install our limestone veneer. It was hard to find a company that was willing to install this product and could do it well. Selecting Utmost was the right decision, Van and the crew did a great job with a difficult installation and we are very happy with the results. They were professional, great to have on site, and kept us in the loop with every stage of the installation. Our installation had a lot of challenges, Van and the crew really came through for us! They truly care about their work product and pay attention to details. I would absolutely hire Utmost Masonry Restoration again, many thanks for a great job!
October 3, 2023
I would recommend Utmost to anyone that is looking to have masonry/stonework done on a historic home. We hired them to replace stone sills under two windows, and to also to do some tuck pointing and brick cleaning. They understand how to work with historic homes and know what materials are appropriate to use. Working with them was great and the crew was very professional and guided us through the process every step of the way. Before replacing the stones, we were shown samples of different materials and discussed exact measurements and placement. For the mortar work, we were shown mortar samples so that we could select the one that most closely resembled what was already on our house. I very much appreciated this level of communication because it eliminates unwanted surprises. I am very happy with how our house turned out, and I can’t even tell which bricks are original and which bricks were repaired! -K & B
Ruth Maceyak
October 3, 2023
Had an outside wall repaired. The results was excellent. The crew was prompt courteous and professional. I would definitely used this company again if the need arises.
September 20, 2023
Mark and his crew came out and did a fantastic job, with fair prices. They spent time doing it right and also great at communicating. Definitely recommend. It’s been a year and couldn’t be happier.
Katie Baylor Tornow
September 15, 2023
We had masonry work done on our stone front and chimney. Mark and his team were very communicative through the whole process and the finished product turned out great! A few of our neighbors made comments on how great it all turned out.
Bob Goodfleisch
September 13, 2023
After getting estimates from three companies, I felt most comfortable with Utmost Masonry Restoration. We needed extensive masonry work and some stucco repair. I am completely happy with my decision. The crew was professional, very experienced, and committed to customer satisfaction. The quality of work couldn’t be better. Of course the owner took personal interest in our project. He was completely forthcoming and honest when I asked about need for additional work, telling me it really wasn’t necessary. If you’re looking for a top quality firm that exceeds expectations, I highly recommend Utmost Masonry Restoration.
Will Downs
June 19, 2023
Great to work with and mission accomplished on a historic home masonry project (brick tuckpoint and foundation) - straightforward from estimate to project execution to clean-up.

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Showcasing Our Expertise as CENTRAL Ohio’s #1 Masonry RESTORATION Contractor

Our portfolio reflects our dedication to masonry restoration excellence and innovation. We have significantly contributed to the enhancement of local architecture, showcasing a variety of projects that demonstrate our capability to handle any masonry restoration challenge:

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Complementary Masonry Evaluations

At Utmost Masonry Restoration, we recognize the essential link between quality and value. That's why we offer thorough masonry evaluations at no cost. Leveraging our extensive expertise, our team provides detailed assessments, outlining the current condition of your project and suggesting custom solutions that honor your vision and budget.

Reach out for a complimentary masonry assessment or to discover more about our comprehensive masonry services. Protect your investment with Utmost Masonry Restoration – where top-notch masonry services ensure lasting beauty and structural integrity. 

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Frequently asked questions


  • What is Utmost Masonry Restoration's approach to large-scale masonry projects?

    Utmost Masonry Restoration combines precision and deep expertise in managing large-scale masonry projects, starting with a comprehensive analysis of your building's specific masonry needs. We work closely with property managers to ensure minimal disruption, delivering scalable masonry solutions that enhance both the aesthetic and structural integrity of the property.

  • Can Utmost Masonry Restoration handle specialized masonry projects like historical buildings?

  • How does Utmost Masonry Restoration handle urgent masonry needs or repairs?

    Our responsive service team is quick and efficient, providing a dedicated team for urgent masonry repairs, capable of promptly assessing and rectifying any issues to minimize disruption and maintain the pristine condition of your property.

  • What kind of specialized masonry solutions does Utmost Masonry Restoration offer?

    We provide a broad range of specialized masonry solutions to meet diverse needs, including custom masonry detailing, stone restoration, and waterproofing services. Our aim is to address the specific requirements of each space, from commercial buildings to educational institutions.

  • How does Utmost Masonry Restoration ensure compliance with industry and environmental regulations?

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Gabe Huffer is the Vice President at Utmost Masonry Restoration and assists his brother and dad with running the family business. Just like his brother, he learned how to perform every role in a crew to fully understand his craft and be the best he can be in this field of work. After years of practice and absorbing knowledge, he now runs his own jobs and is one of the most skillful and detailed oriented masons in Central Ohio. While he loves his work, he also enjoys his free time working out, hanging out with his friends and his two dogs.

Van Huffer is the Vice President at Utmost Masonry Restoration and in charge of all operations in the field. He started learning the trade of masonry at the age of 16. While working hard from mixing mortar, moving material and laboring for the lead masons, he began to learn how the work was done properly and how to lead a crew. After a few years of learning the basics, he started running his owns jobs. Now he is leading and teaching all the crews and followed his dad’s footsteps as a businessman and is helping run the family business. In his free time, he likes to work out, play the bass guitar and relax with his two dogs.

In the year 2000, following a successful career in business and specialty construction, Mark Huffer started Utmost Masonry Restoration, a Masonry Contracting company with a passionate emphasis on Building Restoration and Historical Preservation. Since his childhood Mark has had a keen interest in quality craftsmanship and historic architecture which combined with his business education and executive roles with other construction companies has contributed to a leading edge business where Mr. Huffer has become a well-known expert in all types of building facades and is among the top qualified Renovation Consultants and Restoration Contractors in Ohio.

He enjoys watching his two sons grow and help run the business, fostering their skills and preparing them to inherit and expand the legacy. Additionally, he has recently constructed a new shop on his property, which will significantly increase productivity and support the continued growth of the business.

Prior to his role as founder and President of Utmost Masonry Restoration, Mark served as Vice President of H.K. Phillips Restoration where he rewarded the business with 300% increased revenues and profits before accepting a new challenge as Vice President at Accurate Glass and Mirror Company where they also experienced fantastic growth from his efforts. These successes made it obvious to Mark that he needed to be the recipient of his own efforts by creating a business that provided services he was passionate about.

Born and raised in Circleville, Ohio Mark Huffer graduated college with honors in Political Science/Economics with an emphasis in U.S. Foreign Policy and Russian Studies pursuing his expertise in the Cold War and foreign diplomacy from Bowling Green State University (1991). He earned his M.A. degree in International Political Economy from Miami University (Oxford) in 1992. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and ensuing break-up of the former Soviet Union, Mark decided to alter course and he worked in a few sales and marketing positions with Fortune 500 Companies until the late 1990’s when he first began working in the construction business.