Fireplace Repair

Fireplace Repair

Fireplace Repair

Diane M from Pickerington

Last year I had my chimney fixed.  The stucco was falling off in areas and the crown was cracked.  I went on Angie’s list to get the name of some companies that did this type of repair.  I had several come out, and they all said the chimney needed to be torn down at least half way.  The estimates were ridiculous.  I had Mark from Utmost Renovations come out, and his quote was reasonable and the reviews from Angie’s list were impressive.  Chuck and crew did a great job, and my chimney looks brand new.  I was pleased with the service and the quote.

Last month, I decided to fix the brick hearth inside the house.  Because they had done such a nice job with my chimney, I called Utmost Renovations again (I didn’t call anyone else).  The previous owner of my house had used excessive amounts of mortar to keep the bricks in place, so there was no way to clean it up and put it back together.  Chuck came out and removed the old bricks, and then rebuilt the hearth with new bricks.  It was a difficult job, because the bricks were from the 1970’s, and no longer available.  Chuck did
find something close, and he did a great job.

I don’t think I will need any more chimney work, but if I did, I would definitely call Mark Huffer at Utmost Renovations.

Great job!

Description of Work

Rebuilt Fireplace Hearth

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