Utmost Supports “Strong Kids in Safe Neighborhoods”

Utmost Supports “Strong Kids in Safe Neighborhoods”

George Foreman III speaks to students at Marsh Run Apartments

Utmost Renovations is proud to renovate and rebuild homes daily. But building young individuals who can carry our great community forward is also very important to us.

That is why we participated in Homeport’s recent “Strong Kids in Safe Neighborhoods” fund-raiser supporting after school and summer programming for Central Ohio children.

It was a knockout of a program headlined by motivational speaker, boxer, author and entrepreneur George Foreman III, son of the former world champion heavyweight boxer. Prior to the event, Foreman visited middle school students at Homeport’s Marsh Run Apartments on the East Side!

But now that the big program is over, so much work remains. And this is where you can help give children a fighting chance for a healthy and stable future. Join us in helping fund Homeport’s after school and summer programs where hundreds of children daily receive homework help, a healthy meal and personal attention.

“We can’t do it all, but with the support of the community we are making a difference at Homeport properties, providing free of charge programming so parents who are busy working one or two jobs can be assured their child is safe and becoming strong,” said Julie Naporano, Homeport’s Director of Philanthropy. “More than a decade of research confirms that quality after-school programs inspire and motivate children to learn, support social and emotional growth, and help raise academic achievement.”

To learn more, contact Julie at julie.naporano@homeportohio.org. Or consider donating directly. We have and hope you do too.

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