Building Maintenance Requires a Trusted Partner

Building Maintenance Requires a Trusted Partner

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As facility and property managers know, for Quality Building Maintenance it is vital to partner with a diverse and strong service provider that meets the highest standards in the industry. Nothing is more frustrating than having to waste valuable time searching for a company that will do small projects and repairs in a timely manner at a reasonable price. Often times, the experience is a negative one for the manager and tenants as the professionalism and quality of many vendors is lacking in the building maintenance industry niche. The specialty trades the vendor routinely performs needs to cover a wide range and its technicians must be highly skilled and properly trained.  A top-notch building maintenance partner/contractor will be head and shoulders above the competition in terms of open clear lines of communication, responsiveness and turnaround, experience and knowledge of common problems associated with all types of exterior and interior buildings/structures and/or facades, have a great diversity of services it is adept at providing, consistently perform first-rate quality workmanship, and do so at a fair price.

Building Maintenance Sidewalk RepairIt is indeed rare to find such a building maintenance service provider that meets all these criteria. The most common issues on exterior building repairs and projects include trip hazards on sidewalks and curbs where they are heaved and/or spalled, asphalt patching/sealing, window and masonry facade leaks, damage to gutters and downspouts, minor masonry repairs including re-caulking expansion joints and/or re-tuckpointing failed/open mortar joints, and minor roof leaks, etc. The interior issues that are the most common are water damage to drywall and/or plaster, mold remediation, tile and other types of floor covering repair, door adjustments, ceiling grid and tile replacement, painting, and plumbing leaks, etc. All of these problems should be handled by experts, not a handyman, especially, if you own or operate a Class B building or above. A specialty building maintenance contractor that restores and maintains buildings on a regular basis will be able to properly make the necessary repairs to these problems in a timely manner. Even if they do not self-perform all of these and/or other trades in house, they will be able to do the job, do it right, and do it quickly.

Building Maintenance InteriorIt is wise to partner with a building maintenance company that has a long track record of success in this niche and is financially sound. It is also very important that you make certain they are a licensed general contractor as well in case the repairs or small projects requires a permit of any kind and that they have first-hand knowledge of certain specialties such as mold remediation or ADA ramps, etc. It is ideal if the contractor or service provider is truly a one stop shop for all your building maintenance and repair needs. For this will save lots of time and money chasing your tail trying to find the right company for each and every trade, etc. Hence, a general contractor whose niche and focus is in this area and not in new construction or only remodeling is the best case scenario and worth the effort in developing and fostering a strong relationship. In so doing, this company will quickly become a trusted partner and preferred vendor that services you and your properties like no other.

Building Maintenance ExteriorWhere do you find such a reliable and valuable service provider? Try contacting Utmost Renovations in Central Ohio as Utmost has been doing exactly this type of service for nearly fifteen years now with great success and results for its valued customers. Utmost Renovations will work off an open purchase order, service agreement, time and material with a not to exceed price, a min. charge for certain types of very small projects and/or a lump sum price via a contract. Utmost is also extremely responsive in terms of initial contact, turnaround of bids and estimates, feedback with real options and solutions, and handling fast-track and/or emergency projects and repairs. Utmost Renovations and it’s staff will be direct, honest and fair every time. Lastly, Utmost will guarantee its workmanship and in those rare occasions a repair fails within the first year or two, they will correct it as they stand behind their product. And, perhaps, just as important, you will not have to chase them down to do it, let alone worry about them being out of business.

Mark Huffer, is President of Utmost Consulting and Utmost Renovations. He is a BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) Instructor on building envelopes. Mark is a leading authority on Building Restoration and Historic Preservation.

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