Stone Coping for Masonry Walls

Stone Coping for Masonry Walls

Stone Coping

If you have ever had to rebuild or repair damaged stone, block or brick walls, then you know the process is very time consuming, invasive and expensive. Performing fairly inexpensive routine maintenance every few years will save thousands of dollars on a typical retaining or wing wall in the long run. Often, the main reason for the deterioration of masonry walls is due to the freeze thaw cycle caused from water intrusion into the caps of these walls. During the warmer months water gets into the walls and then after it freezes in the winter and thaws in the spring it spalls the masonry units and mortar joints popping them out. This in turn, allows even more water to intrude and further damage the walls. This vicious cycle continues if left unattended for very long eventually causing complete failure of the structural integrity of the masonry walls. At this point, usually the walls need torn down and rebuilt 100% and it’s extremely costly.

Stone CopingA simple and beautiful solution to partly remedy this problem is to install a limestone or sandstone solid cap or coping. This is fairly expensive but not compared to the cost of having to rebuild the walls. A new stone coping looks gorgeous and provides a solid cap acting like a roof over your walls. Stone is not going to absorb water like brick, block and mortar joints on the top or cap of a wall. If you are experiencing brick, block, stone and mortar deterioration on your walls and do not have a true stone coping on it like a stone cap, then you need to seriously consider this option.

Here is a simple checklist and remedies for you to monitor and maintain your masonry walls on your home or building:

Have an expert in masonry restoration  inspect and probe your walls every 2-3 years to assess their present condition, projecting their potential life-span or usage, and recommend critical maintenance, repairs or replacement as needed and make certain walls have proper drainage, below-grade waterproofing, etc.

Stone CopingIf there is a stone coping on the walls, clean, re-tuckpoint or better yet, cut out old mortar of butt joints on coping and caulk using a good commercial grade urethane or silicone sealant as this will allow movement capability it’s not subject to crack or fail as fast as mortar will,

If no stone coping, then consider one and select from several quality options.

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